Sunday, July 09, 2006

My non-tech Sundays ...

... seems to involve laying off the mighty mouse and putting the Treo on mute.

My Sunday drives consist of going around the corner to Lowes with Mrs. WonderDawg and waiting in the checkout lane with the other strong backed husbands while all of the MRS's are purchasing the variety of plants to jumpstart the to-do or to-plant list for the day.

I guess our theology doesn't make room for the Sabbath. (I can't wait for NFL football to start!)

Plant this. Plant these. Easier said then done. It's these freaking rocks that keep getting in the way! Once the tree roots are pulled out of the ground like electrical wire buried behind plaster walls, snipped and tossed, it onward to the heavy lifting. A eight foot pry bar and flat shovel are the necessary tools.

We have this eight foot rock embedded in the ground, so we're going to make it the focal point.

Mrs. WonderDawg thinks that black eyed susans, burgundy coral bells, relocated purple & yellow iris and hostas would look mighty nice in the space.

The planting went well; we mixed in some Miracle Grow dirt; hauled off two wheelbarrel loads of excess dirt and I'm almost done. There's a salvia plant that needs a little relocated love, and it's the perfect plant to finish out the corner. Close! Just plant the thing, add water, cover with hardwood mulch.

One hour later, I'm finally done extracting FIVE rocks stacked on top of each other in that spot.

One lesson learned: It's impossible to dig to China from West Nashville. Too much rock in the way.

The other is a deep sense of gratitude. I could have been borned 150 years ago and being Chinese, been workin' on the railroad handling 80 lb. ties and 560 lb. rail sections.

Suddenly, I'm grateful for these FIVE rocks.


Kate O' said...

We have several major limestone deposits in our yard, too. We heard an explanation about being close to the river, but I never caught where you live in relation to the river, so I don't know if that theory, um, holds water. (Ugh.) But we're planning on using our biggest limestone deposit as the foundation for a pond in the backyard, which I think will be really sweet.

(BTW, I'll have you know I created a Blogger account JUST so I could post comments on your blog, since yours seems to disallow non-Blogger users from commenting. I do hope you recognize the effort I've made on behalf of this budding friendship. :-) )

Kerry Woo said...

Hey Kate,

We're probably 2 miles away from the Cumberland River in the West Meade neighborhood near the Super Walmart on Charlotte Road. I think there's rock everywhere.

The pond sounds like a great project, but I starting small with a aquarium inside of a old Macintosh.

I'm honored that you would go the extra mile to say hi via Blogger, being a budding famous writer and all!

"Yup, she use to comment on my blog before she went and got all big time in the music business!"