Thursday, July 13, 2006

I had a G-R-R-REAT day

Today was such a great day - not only for me personally, but I see great things happening around me in the lives of others as well!

Great is such an overused word, but defined as remarkable or outstanding in magnitude, degree, or extent, G-R-R-REAT is a word that works for me.

Today was great because of these things:

Lunch date with Mrs. WonderDawg (three Thursdays in a row).

Mothership BBQ (three Thursdays in a row). During the little lunch break we had, we counted eleven customers after we were served. Very happy to see the business come in the door for the Knuck.

Immediately recognized and met for the first time Blake Wiley (Nashville Flies) and his friend; we shook hands. Mrs. WonderDawg asked, "Are you a blogger?"

The Nashville blogosphere is not only a community in the true sense of the word, but relationships of varying degrees are being formed!

Afterwards, I went to PetSmart in 100 Oaks to scout out aquarium accessories and was assisted by a very nice clerk (Jamie, I think is her name). Nashville is filled with helpful people and she was knowledgable and passionate about fish.

After cruising thru CompUSA and Michaels because I like gadgets and crafts, I bumped into Sid Buchannon along with his wife Jackie who pastor Oasis Family Worship Center, a growing church in Dickson. Not having seen other for over a year, we catch up and talk about men's ministries, Promise Keepers, home based churches, hurricane relief efforts, relationships, blogging, Mothership BBQ and many other things that good friends do while sitting in a big Cadillac with the AC running.

Later on, I find a custom glass source for my Macintosh aquarium at Russell's Glass & Mirror. The search is over and the project moves forward!

Work is going well, as our company is reading some new versions of voice enabled software for smartphones. Our flash demo is finished and I am stoked about it. Blessed to do what I do.

To end my day, I package up the prize packs for the Nashville Is Talking contest winners and cool gals Jag and Kate'O and head to the Bellevue post office where I'm graced in the presence of Bellevue royalty (and another blogger!) Lindsay of Suburban Turmoil. Keith and Nicole shop at Target; Lindsay does her own postal business and was gracious to pose for a photo with her daughter.

What a G-R-R-REAT / remarkable / outstanding day - only in Nashville! I trust you did as well -


jag said...

Sounds like an action packed day!

Suburban Turmoil said...

Kerry, you know everyone. :)

It was a pleasure seeing you yesterday.