Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Blogging 'bout Logging

We had this forty foot tree in our front yard that started to rot. Sad, because I use to string it with Christmas lights.

Roger Harrison of Harrison Tree Service & Stump Removal made quick work of this tree for (a good price) in 45 minutes. Highly recommended - (615) 799-2851

Mark slicin' and dicin' with a monster chainsaw.

Rotten to the core...

Leftover spoils...

The Tree Bandit chews the tree limbs, spitting the remains into the back of the truck. The material takes about a year before it decomposes into mulch quality. Mobster types decompose faster.

Stump Grinder in action; four cutting teeth move left to right to chip away at the stump.

All finished!

The 'lil tree crew from Fairview: Boss Man Roger, Mark, Steven & J..J.

I learned today that trimming trees standing straight up are preferred versus those downed by storms because the pickup and clean up are much easier to manage. Also the limb removal can be controlled to fall in close proximity to the equipment for disposal.

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dailydiablogger said...

Oh what a beautiful tree. Sorry to see it cut down.

Anonymous said...

How fast was that machine at grinding stumps? I am looking at this stump grinder and they have a video of it working, it seems kinda slow. Was yours a lot faster?