Monday, July 24, 2006

The biggest hassle in the world...

... is changing my number on my cell phone plan. That's why I left TMobile and switched to Cingular. Looks like I have to do it again since the disgusting and very mean messages began showing up...

Brighthand reports Another Celebrity's Sidekick Gets Hacked: "T-Mobile and Danger, Inc. have enjoyed all the free publicity they have received from celebrities using the Sidekick cellular-wireless handheld in public. But there can be downsides to this, too, like why it's always big news whenever someone famous gets their device hacked.

For example, the tabloids are buzzing with the news that someone recently got their hands on the password for Lindsay Lohan's Sidekick and soon her friends started receiving "disgusting and very mean messages that everyone thought were coming from Lindsay," according to the starlet's spokesperson, Leslie Sloane Zelnik.

Much to the glee of gossip-hounds everywhere, Ms. Lohan is accusing her one-time friend Paris Hilton of sending these messages. Not surprisingly, Ms. Hilton denies any involvement."


Yes, this hot weather is making me delusional.

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