Thursday, June 22, 2006

You gotta love Chloe O'Brien!

"Chloe O'Brien is a CTU employee renouned for her seemingly-bad attitude and snappy remarks. She does, however, excel at the technical work that she does, including writing and operating many computer protocols for CTU. In the third season, she was investigated by CTU for bringing a baby into CTU and refusing to reveal the identity of the parents. The issue was later resolved and O'Brien received no punishment for it. She also was the key player in stopping a serious computer virus unleashed on the CTU network by Nina Myers. Her work helped to save the lives of many agents whose covers would have been revealed if the virus hadn't been stopped.

She is currently still employed at CTU as a systems analyst. She still lacks ample social skills. We still love her."

Here's Chloe:

And here's my brother in law's (Richard) impersonation of Chloe stressed out:


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Michael said...

Watching "24" has become a thing for my family. My wife and I go over to my mother's house every Monday night when it's on. I cook something fancy and then we're glued to the TV set for an hour.

Our favorite character, second to Jack of course, is Chloe. She's the best!