Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yard sale punishment...

Yard sales expose the dark side of materialism.
We are bracing for a monster yard sale this weekend...
We've been setting up "really good crap" in our backyard because we're helping out a person in need -
Look at this stuff!

Over 40 tables alone, plus stuff on a trailer and spread out over two yards!

Some wise advice from the web - "The single biggest mistake most people make about garage sales is that they think of it as a profit opportunity when in fact it is a chance to get rid of excess crap. Set your prices low and cut them by half after 11:00 AM."

Here's the post on Craigslist...


Spider Girl said...

Oh, I wish MY garage sales had that many tables!

Yard sales/flea market sales CAN make a lot of money, over time anyway. It's just a time-consuming, sometimes frustrating process.

I've gone on several wonderful trip (to Ireland, to France, and last year to Africa on safari) on the proceeds of about a bazillion yard sales.

When I ran out of my own junk to sell, I asked my friends to empty their basements for me. :)

What can I say? It's a labour of love.

Good luck with your sale! I wish you hefty profits (despite what advice the internet gave you).

Kerry Woo said...

Thanks Spider Girl - I did score some items for myself like a bench grinder, handtruck, floor mats for the garage and tarps... good stuff not worth paying full price for!

PS Nice Blog!