Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yard Sale - Post Trauma update

It's done and over! I can't believe that every item was sold. There was only a two full pickup truck worth of stuff leftover (and all that is left to sell is a $40 Christmas tree). Our neighbor's visiting relative took the leftover stuff, so thankfully our backyard is back to normal and ready for mowing status.

Some thoughts if I had to do it all again (ten years from now)...
Friday only; Saturday morning was magnificent with the cool breezes, but it turned hot and humid at high noon. The professionals shop on Friday.
If anyone asks can you make me a deal, just reply only if you keep buying! Works everytime.
Cater to early birds - even we said no early birds before 8 am, we had people here at 6:30 am.
Can't tell if Craigslist worked, but the price is right and we could be more highly descriptive.
I was tempted to live blogged the yard sale, but it was non stop from 6:30 am; our last customer left at 7 pm (and his wife was going through our trash for some ratty pots and pans).
We sold iced bottled water for fifty cents, but very few takers.
Set out a tool table for just the guys - give them a chance to kill some time while their wives shop.

Hot sellers:
Monkey grass
VHS tapes
teenage clothes

Stress points?
There was one guy in his fifties who spent two hours touching everything and finally bought a corkscrew for a nickel and another item discounted from fifty cents to thirty cents for a grand total of thirty five cents! I hate to get old and have that much time on my hands...

And the biggest insult, spit in my face, are you crazy, I was born at night but not last night, reaction from me?
I have a Weber grill (not for sale) and some guy insisted on paying me two dollars for it!

Regardless of the fact I have a gas grill and a large traditional grill already, I would get better use of building a Weber Grill Antenna than selling my grill that was my birthday gift twenty years ago. Of all the nerve!

Words of wisdom from Big Joe On The Go

"If you do decide to have a garage sale, just be prepared. Have a plan and be read for the looks like you are some peasant who rode into town after robbing Big Lots and you are looking to make a buck."


Gold member said...

I know the feeling People at carboot sales what things for nothing in the uk

Kerry Woo said...

That's the truth... Now when I buy something, I ask myself will this be a yard sale item in the next year?

MIster Lee said...

Yardsales are as much as a staple in the south as Iced tea, sec football, baptist churches, and Rasslin!!! I always get a kick out of the fact that in our neighborhood that when there is a yardsale that people circle the house of "the event" like vultures on a dead cow!