Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Oh what a night...

There is simply nothing more tranquil than sitting in my backyard with a cold brew in an adirondack chair and listening to crickets and watching the fireflies light up the night like flash photography at a concert. Without the music. If I look straight up, I see the Big Dipper and small planes passing overhead from John C. Tune airport.

Awesome. Simply awesome. The ultimate quiet time.

Bruce Nichols nails it with his poem and photo above:


there is no moon tonight.
the warm air is moist and fragrant
with the smell of new mown hay.
leaves in the dark sentinel trees
rustle softly, rustle softly,
in the tender grasp
of a gentle breeze.

settled in their grassy cloisters
crickets trill staccato mantras
across the tangled fields of night;
and all around the fireflies, the fireflies,
appearing - disappearing.
coming into bright existence,
dissolving into darkness,
then reincarnating, again,
any yet again, in luminous grace.

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