Sunday, May 07, 2006

Shoney's Grizzly Burger

Since May is National Hamburger Month, I caved into trying out the new Shoney's Grizzly Burger. "Two giant slabs of beef, Grizzly sauce and a honey of a bun make for the best burger ever" is the ad copy that goes with the burger.

Think of it as a big brother to the McDonalds Big Mac. The beef totals 2/3 pound, the sauce is familiar, with less lettuce - just nastier to eat.

There are three other versions of this big daddy: the Cub Burger for kids 10 and under, the Bear Burger with 1/3 pound of beef, and the Grizzly Burger with more than 1/3 pound of beef. All burgers come with fries and coleslaw.

Eat enough of these Grizzly Burgers and you can win a Big Truck to leave in your will. Contest Rules here

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