Friday, April 28, 2006

Rocking away at Philly International

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I'm sitting at the Philadelpha airport with two hours to spare to meet up with my traveling companion... and thinking about the best way to kill time in a airport...

Sit in the rocking chairs provided to look out over the gates as the planes taxi in and out (with no cushions, I opt for the padded bench seats).
Read USA Today from front to back -
Look for an electrical outlet to recharge electronics -
Camp out and people watch people watching other people -
Get a shoe shine -
Eat a overpriced sandwich at a restaurant - on this particular day, slow service and slower food preparation was welcomed - I still gave a decent tip because my waitress was very much pregnant - ten months if that's possible!
Squat in the A, B or C que line for a Southwest flight -
Walk the length of the terminal for exercise -
Take in the community art on the walls -
Admire the advertising for your favorite products -

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On the last three flights, I get engaged in a conversation about Treo smartphones and end up showing people how to set alarms, play music, view photos and beam address cards - fun stuff !

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