Monday, March 20, 2006

My favorite software - iDVD

Last Friday, I created a iDVD movie for a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner for those who gave of their time at last year's Promise Keepers conference in Nashville.

After culling through 900 jpegs from photos of the sold out event, iDVD from Apple was the perfect tool to assemble all of the photos.

Here's the description:
Why rent someone else's masterpiece when you can create your own? From Hollywood-style home movies to multimedia wedding albums to professional slideshow portfolios, iDVD 6 helps you put it all on DVD. And no ordinary DVD, mind you. A jaw-dropping widescreen DVD with coordinated menus and ambient audio. A DVD with thoroughly professional polish. A DVD so captivating, it will make it onto everyone's must-see list.


The photos were assembled in logical order, which I grouped into conference preplanning; stage setup, volunteer shots, the conference itself, lunch time feeding of 17,000 men in 30 minutes, and post conference shots.

Using the Apple provided template, I just simply selected a Road Trip template, dragged and dropped photos and QuickTime movies, preview the mix and when to burn a DVD mode. Thirty minutes later, the first DVD was completed. If burning additional DVDs in the same writing session, the following copies took approx 7 to 10 minutes.

One great feature is adding songs from the iTunes library to sync with the slides. iDVD will tell you how many slides to add or delete to synchronize with the slideshow.

Another reason to own a Mac...

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