Monday, September 05, 2005

randomness while nextblogging

On Blogger (in the upper right hand corner) there is a "NEXT BLOG" tab that takes you through random blogs - here are some random nuggets while I am traversing the blogosphere in my quest to visit 100 blogs in 100 days ...

watermelon singing: "Rita Cosby from MSNBC sounds like she's been smoking three packs a day since the day she was born."

Incognito Queer: "About a month after I turned 17 I went a couple of hours north of Phoenix to start college. I was determined to be on my own. I loved it... at least that is what I told people. I was miserable. I didn't know anyone and I was so incredibly shy I found it hard to make friends. I literally sat up in my dorm room and cross-stiched a Monopoly board. It's true... I have proof."

It Was The Yams In case you don't know what a vegan is let me give you the gastronomic hierarchy and where vegans fit into it.
Omnivores are looked down on by
Those who don't eat pork, who are looked down on by
Those who eat only chicken and fish, who are looked down on by
Those who eat only fish, who are looked down on by
Vegetarians, who are looked down by
Vegans (we don't eat eggs, dairy, honey, or any other animal related product) who are looked down on by
Raw food vegans (they are the creme of the disciplined)

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