Friday, September 09, 2005

The one that didn't get away...

My neighbor Frank caught a 25 lb catfish from Percy Priest Lake - with a hook and line - I'm not a fishing fan (probably because I can't sit still that long - but I have to say, I am more bent on taking up fishing than golfing...) , but fishing fanatics tell me there is no challenge in catching catfish.

I've even heard of good ole boys that the best way to fish for catfish is taking a stick of dynamite and tossing it in a lake... Hmmm...

Anyway, Frank taught me how to fillet a catfish - step one is to "put a nail in a tree", step two is "take his pants off"... Texas talk for filleting a catfish!

Eating catfish is some tasty stuff - I'm getting hungry now - any recommendations for good catfish restaurants in the greater Nashville area?

One more fish insight - last time I went to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, I was so hungry that I gathered up the family and headed for the nearest seafood restaurant!

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