Saturday, September 03, 2005

News Flash - positive news from Louisiana

New Flash - We interrupt the blame affixing and second guessing to bring positive news from Louisiana...

From Fred McLemore: A Promise Keepers event manager who lives in Sulphur, Louisiana (8 miles West of Lake Charles) on the evacuation path along Interstate 10

Our local ministerial alliance of more than a dozen churches has organized the feeding program. We're set up until further notice, and the churches have already signed up for the next 30 days. My local church is feeding 700 evacuees from New Orleans each day. Joeann and I are helping with the cooking. Everything we do for them is deeply appreciated. By the way, the folks from New Orleans prefer to be called "evacuees," not refugees.

Don't get the wrong idea that the bad element in New Orleans is the majority. The bad guys are just a few. We are hurt by the bad media coverage, but the humanitarian efforts are amazing. Nursing students volunteering inside the Dome with no guarantee of safety. Staff at one inner city hospital volunteered to stay through the storm, and the security staff protected them. Heroes are everywhere, and we need to tell those stories too. Most Louisianans are decent and law-abiding.

A special prayer request for the Louisiana National Guard - 256 Tiger Brigade. They are deployed overseas, watching all this from afar. The authorities have a good hotline system so that soldiers and families can check in on each other. But whenever they return, they will face many unknown circumstances. Pray for Louisiana's 256th.

Pray for all of those is hard to fully comprehend what has happened.

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