Wednesday, September 21, 2005

How to Study...

William J. Rapaport, Associate Professor at the University of Buffalo writes a Guide on How to Study. Whether you're in academics or just a knowledge sponge like me, this excellent guide will serve you well.

Sure it's hard work - education requires an investment of time - who wants to be an IGMO? I grabbed hold of some wisdom from an old friend, Larry Burkett who told me that I could be an expert in any subject if I devoted 1 hour a day for three years on any subject. The byproduct of that wise advice is redeeming the time such as curtailing TV time, carrying a Palm PDA or HipsterPDA to collect thoughts or read a ebook / book while waiting... which frees up study time. Of course being noctunal living on 4 hours sleep and implementing David Allen's Getting Things Done all helps...

The good professor covers learning styles, managing your time, taking good notes, speedwriting and provides a wealth of resources and relevant comic strips to humor us along the way -

Study onward -

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