Thursday, September 08, 2005

Day 8 of 100 blogs in 100 days

Stephen standing on a guard tower at Camp Seitz just outside of Baghdad. Abu Ghraib prison is just over his right shoulder.

Day 8 of my ongoing quest to visit 100 blogs in 100 days...

Bio: Stephen Mansfield believes that life ought to be lived passionately, adventurously and on a large scale. His own manner of living has certainly reflected this philosophy and it has made him the writer, the statesman, and the educator that he is.

I've written about Stephen back in July on this blog - "My former pastor at Belmont Church in Nashville, Stephen Mansfield was not only an excellent Biblical teacher, but has found success as a speaker and best selling author. Stephen has a passion for history, leadership and if one ever had a seven minute conversation with him, the word "destiny" always came up!"

And whenever anything, I mean anything that will be reflected in history, I always turn to Stephen's blog and articles for a perspective. Lots of thought and preparation goes into his writings; better yet there is always an undercurrent of being sensible and reasonable - which by the way challenges our prejudices and filters on how we look at life through our foibles... isn't that what leadership and owning up to personal responsibility is about? - Listen. Invest. Shape destiny.

Stephen addresses the issue of rebuilding New Orleans on his blog and also lays out a challenge and opportunity:

....this is an hour for the Christian Church to arise. History confirms that cultural crisis is often the opportunity for the Church to reveal the Jesus she preaches and to heal society to the glory of God. This has led to some of the greatest cultural advances on record and to seasons of bright renewal for people of faith. If we have been searching for some way to be culturally relevant, here it is. If we have been searching for the power to heal souls in trauma, here it is. If we have been looking for an opportunity for the Church to be as great as she once was, here it is.
Thanks Stephen - Blessings to you always. Miss seeing you.

Mansfield Group - articles, multimedia, recommendations, reading lists and yes, a blog as well.

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