Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Day 6 of 100 blogs

Bone marrow smear


Today is day six of my endeavor to visit 100 blogs in 100 days.

Robert shares / recounts his brave and at times, raw retelling / reliving of his battle with leukemia, chemotherapy, and moving on with the rest of his life.

"I had leukemia, okay. I had it and now I don't and that should be that. Only it's not. It's a memory that won't go away. Not a haunting memory, not a slow motion replay of a rear-end collision where you find yourself clenching your arms against the seat, looking back over your shoulder for the too-fast car that isn't there. No. Leukemia is vague with occasional flashes of coherence. It is a constant hum.

Back in the summer of 1992, I would be sitting on the back porch with Dad and Jane, all of us sharing sections from the thick Sunday paper, arguing over who would get the comics first, when a palpable memory would surprise me. I would not be expecting it, and the memories were still so fresh."
At times, we just have to sit and listen... really listen - there's pain, but times of celebration as well. Thanks Robert for sharing - and inviting us in to visit.

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