Saturday, September 24, 2005

Day 24 of 100 blogs in 100 days

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Day 24 of my ongoing endeavor to visit 100 blogs in 100 days...

It's the weekend and with the onslaught on network television's fall lineup of new shows, I decided to take advantage of the TIVO special from DirectTV - basically a TIVO setup with a $100 dollar rebate, meaning that the equipment is free.

So Thursday night, I'm scrambling to rewire the bedroom tv setup to accomodate the seldom used VCR to tape Survivor... After Rob & Amber, I swore never again to watch Survivor... but I digress... I caught about ten minutes of Martha's Apprentice and wasn't impressed yet, but suffice it to say that I would much rather work for her than the Donald... also Three Wishes is such a great show - Amy Grant is perfectly suited for the show - more about that in another post...

My choice for day 24 of visiting 100 blogs in 100 days, is REALITY BLOGS, a reality television based blog about watching reality television and living the E.P.I.C. life *

I think it's worth tuning in - (at least the content is new) - I'm going to read it to see if they repost the exact same postings when the reruns start! Also I need the help to keep up with all of these reality based shows!

The shows we really dig are Survivor, The Amazing Race, American Idol, and The Apprentice ... and we certainly catch plenty of other shows when we can. From time to time, we try to bring some perspective on what is real and what's reality (TV)!

These shows allow us to live vicariously through tests of survival, fear, and talent — through amazing races, extreme makeovers, and blind dates. These are experiences that we long to have, or maybe we're just fascinated by them (and sometimes a little disgusted too).
* Tune in to the blog and find out about the E.P.I.C. life - and I would add as a caution - "Television enables you to be entertained in your home by people you wouldn't have in your home."- David Frost

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