Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Day 14 of 100 blogs in 100 days

Today, on day fourteen of visiting 100 blogs in 100 days, I traveled to the Pacific Northwest and visited a physician who "looks at medicine, religion, politics, pets and passion in life."

I'm thankful that The Doctor Is In

Ever had the time to sit and talk to a doctor and ask him a lot of questions? Great questions that demand a great answer?

Ask Dr. Bob -

  • As a doctor, what would you recommend [for an emergency medical kit] for usually healthy laymen?
  • Does contemporary medicine emphasize the management of symptoms over the diagnosis and treatment of underlying causes?
  • So, if it were your job to implement a “quality assurance” system in health care (or specifically in your part of the health care system), where would you start?

and questions on transparency, loss and God's grace...

Many years ago, as a very young Christian, filled with intellectual arrogance, baseless self-confidence, and the fading embers of a newfound faith, I discovered God on a most terrifying and unplanned journey. I was a legend in my own mind: hot-shot intern, selected above my peers for a prized specialty residency, smart, handsome, talented, affable–and of course, immensely humble. I knew all the Bible answers, memorized Scripture, had God figured out. I was passionate about medicine, and perhaps even more so about music, having written and arranged for a fusion band with whom I played guitar. Creativity was my gig, but since time for music was short, I turned my interest to woodworking, having long admired furniture craftsmen who graced hardwood trees into elegant expressions of functional beauty. rest of the story
Dr. Bob is a physician in the Pacific Northwest, the fortunate husband of his wife of thirty years and father of three remarkable children. Blessed by the grace of God with the great priviledge of knowing His Son, and having experienced the limitless depths of His mercy, patience and forgiveness, he desires to serve Him and others well.

Dr. Bob's entries are lengthy, full of insight, grace and wisdom... reach for the mouse and make an appointment now to bookmark his blog. Well worth the wait...

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