Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Chat to the Big Man...

My blog friend, the mysterious and man about town, DIAMOND BK writes:
Hi God, It's Me. Are You Busy?
Has God ever spoke to you? I mean really SPOKE to you? Ever want to talk to the big guy upstairs? Sure you probably have sent prayers up to heaven and waited for an answer, but that can be too time consuming. In today's fast paced world, who has time to wait for a reply...even if it's from the almighty one himself!
Well wait no more as I introduce you to the modern wonders of technology. You can now chat with God! That's right, it's a one on one session like IM (Instant Messaging) so no fighting for the big guy's attention in a crowded chat room. Talk to the man himself in private via your computer. He is online 24/7 in spite of the fact that he has massive "To Do" lists piling up.

The guy just loves the net, what can I say. Plus who really has big enough balls to tell him to quit surfing the web and get some work done? Ah, not me.

So for all you out of towners, give Him a shout! Of course, you can always reach Him on the mainline; remember that's it's a local call here in Tennessee...

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