Saturday, September 24, 2005

Blessed are the peacemakers....

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We live in a world torn by animosity. Several years ago a Norwegian statistician computerized every war that has ever been fought. He discovered that during the past 5,560 years of recorded history there have been 14,531 wars.

All in all, in nearly six thousand years of recorded history, there has been peace upon the face of this earth about 5 percent of the time-286 years out of 5,560!

Right now in Afghanistan, young men and young women are laying their lives on the line in a war against terror. And we watched with sadness and emotion this past week as the bodies of 8 young U.S. soldiers were transported back here to America in flag-draped coffins.

But malice and animosity lurk much closer to us than that. It's as near as that guy on the interstate who tailgates you and hollers at you and shakes his fist.

It's as near as the place you work...where people often undermine one another and slander each other and hold grudges.

It's as near as your home...where sometimes the people you love the most hurt you the worst...where disagreements and quarrels and conflict often go undetected by the outside world.

Source: Ypsilanti Free Methodist Church

Picture: buffaloworks

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