Monday, August 08, 2005

Toilet Paper Pranks

Feelin' a Punkster's Love before he Burns in Hell Posted by Picasa

OK, I'm a big fan of pranks and practical jokes - but rolling someone's yard is just so... highway to hell lame. Being a prankster is one thing, but a punkster is simply wrong.

"So tell me why you are here in this handbasket?"
"I killed six million Jewish people..."
"Why are you here?"
"I rolled some old person's front yard..."

Be a little more practical and fun loving with that roll of toilet paper... here's three pranks to get you started and out of the burning inferno (there won't be enough toilet paper down there to wipe the sweat from your brow):

It seems like such a simple little thing to me. I cannot see how someone could get all bent out of shape about which direction the toilet paper unrolls -- from below or over the top. But this is a pet peeve that can cause people to display great amounts of anger if someone were to change directions on them.

So this my friend is the prank. The next time you are at a home during a party, swap the direction the toilet paper faces. It's quick, it's easy and it drives people insane.

See the other two pranks here: Toilet Paper Pranks

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Alsicole said...

Those toilet paper pranks are really funny.

I also thought this was very funny but may well get you a bloody nose!