Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Chillin' with da Polar Bears

Hot Fun In the Summertime Posted by Picasa

New York may boast of Lady Liberty and Parisians may crowd the Louvre to see the Venus de Milo and revel in her armlessness, but only Nashville has polar bears throwing snowballs. Read: Polar bears provide taste of Arctic in August

WonderDawg and Polar Bear Posted by Picasa

"da Polar Bears was down on the floor with WonderDawg. And da Bears be down wit y'all for chillin' an' sez much love, mad props to the peeps and Big Dawgs4Christ, men of God ya'll, Titans, Preds and Kats. Theys knows y'all gots to get in to the big show (Promise Keepers, Titans, NASCAR - 3 big capacity events in Nashville this weekend) an' they axe everyone to be cool while we gets da pimps their bling bling and y'all yo fitty over at the big goverment house to keep the big Nash hood lit up and cool and the light bill paid yaw.”

"It mos def take some serious ice to be chilling - it be so hot to be crotch pot cooking, numsayin?”

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