Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Butterfly & Nature Alphabet Posters

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Thanks to Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools see this beautiful collection of photography by Kjell Sandved.

Read the fascinating story of how "in the spring of 1960 when a young visitor, Kjell (“shell”) Sandved, arrived at the Smithsonian to conduct research for an encyclopedia on nature.

Balancing high on a ladder one day, surrounded by drawers and boxes, he opened the aromatic old cigar box and there it was woven into the tapestry of a wing: a silvery, gleaming letter ‘F.’ “I looked under the microscope at this miniature design,” Kjell recalls, “and marveled at the scales in soft pastel and sparkling silver. Not even a calligrapher could have improved on its beauty. It reminded me of how the ancient scribes lovingly embellished colorful letters in bibles and illuminated manuscripts with human and animal forms.”

On the site, are descriptions and samples of each alphabet! Take a techno break and marvel at the handiwork done by God in creation -

W Posted by Picasa

Eucalyptus trees, also popularly known as Gum trees because some species exude a gum, are fragrant and normally pest-resistant. There are more than 400 species of these tender evergreen trees with smooth, lance-shaped leaves, which can grow to gigantic proportions; some reach heights of more than 400 feet in their native Australian habitats, and up to 200 feet when introduced into California.

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