Sunday, July 17, 2005

Can you spare a one dollar shirt?

1.00 shirt Posted by Picasa

Saw this over at Lianne's blog on creating your own $1.00 shirt. So what do I do? Run down to the grocery store at 10 p.m. for some crisp dollar bills! The Shirt is easy to make and while I doubt that giving a single shirt would make for a great (yet frugal) gift, they would be cool to use as tip money...

Now if your "ship sails in" and you're feeling rich and ambitious, try building one of these:

Chinese junk Posted by Picasa

Raymond, proprietor of the Mandarin Island restaurant in Mission Hills, California produced this realistic model of a Chinese junk. This model measures about three feet long, and four feet tall. Raymond says that it required over 20,000 modular units and took about six months to make.

Chinese Paper Arts: "China, where paper was invented in the 1st century AD, (Han Dynasty) has a long history of paper arts and crafts. These include paper objects used for decoration as well as items used for ceremonial purposes. Frequently, these would be made from paper money, either real or the ceremonial 'hell money'."

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