Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wired News: IPodlounge Drunk With Success

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Wired Magazine writes: In the world of iPods, it's not just the makers of rubbery prophylactic cases who are blossoming. The burgeoning market for iPod news and reviews has propelled a scrappy one-man website into becoming the big dog of online iPod publishers.

In recent months, iPodlounge has grown from a niche website into a professional publishing operation with big plans. Riding the wave of iPod popularity, the site is a daily read for an ever-growing army of fans. Unique visitors have doubled to 2 million a month, and about 1,000 new members are joining its online forums every month.

As an update, "only two years after its premiere, iPodlounge was receiving over three million page hits per month. By mid-2004, the number was five, and by the end of that year, it was ten. Approximately two million people visited iPodlounge in December 2004 alone."

I don't own an iPod (yet), but I absolutely LOVE the spirit of this web site and how engaged the iPod community is to this site! Check out the photo gallery and the free downloadable iPodlounge Buyers' Guide 2005 in addition to the daily news updates, independent product reviews and editorial content, incredible discussion forums and photo galleries, software download and self-help pages.

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