Friday, June 03, 2005

Kerry's Odyssey (of cars)

TELL ME, O MUSE, of that ingenious hero who traveled far and wide after he had sacked the famous town of Troy. Many cities did he visit,and many were the nations with whose manners and customs he was acquainted...

Whoops! Wrong Odyssey story! If you want Homer's Odyssey, click here

TELL ME, O AUTOBLOGGER, of that ingenious Asian who traveled far and wide after he had transferred out of the famous town of Atlanta to Nashville of Tennessee. Many cities did he not visit, and many were the cars with whose manners and customs he was acquainted.

It's no secret that I love Honda cars ever since I drove a 1976 beige Honda Accord. After having my first child Gary, two door cars just didn't work. My first vehicle was a Chevy Van (post hippie carry over), then the Accord, replaced by the 1984 Toyota Minivan.

the Toyota "toaster" Minivan Posted by Hello

The Minivan was Toyota's answer to the emerging minivan era and it had a unique Flintstones feel to it; my feet were in front of the wheels and because it was so top heavy, it felt like driving around town in a toaster.

After ditching the Toyota lease to buy our first house, and my two kids were out of car seats, I was sporting around in a 1966 Ford Mustang. Soon, like all old American cars, it needed financial restoration. It had a Flintstone quality also when my wife noticed the rusted out floor pans and the road traveled underneath.

Real pretty 1966 Ford Mustang Posted by Hello

I driven some clunkers too (in no particular order); a boat-like Pontiac Bonneville convertible which turned into an expensive lawn ornament; my faithful $400 Oldsmobile Cutlass with a big engine and original Polyglass tires that was owned by a old lady with extremely low mileage; a pre-O.J. Simpson small Ford Bronco that my friends called a girlie truck; a 1965 Ford Thunderbird with the cool sequential tail lights that my wife made me take back for a refund. I use to collect old cars like stray dogs from rural used car lots in search of the mythological $1500.00 perfect car; which to my dismay there were only three in the United States that existed. Alas, I was sadly myth-taken.

1995 Honda Odyssey Posted by Hello

Then my current ride, the incredible 1995 Honda Odyssey, purchased sight unseen from my awesome brother in law, Ronnie. (My other awesome brother-in-law, Richard is with Porsche, but that's probably two cars down the road for me.) If you're ever within 1000 miles of Dallas, the best place to buy a Honda is Huggins Honda. Tell Ronnie that Kerry sent you, but don't expect a true brother-in-law price. And dads, make sure your daughters marry a new car king; their husbands will never stress over the angst of a spouses' broken down car.

I absolutely love my Odyssey and have converted my family to Hondas - my wife Becky drives a Civic; Gary, an Accord and recently Megan purchased a Civic also. We are the All Honda poster family!

Here's my future Honda: the Element that I simply must have in time for Christmas 2005 or unless 20,000 people chip in $1.00 because they really like me!

Kerry's future car Posted by Hello

I absolutely love the modern milk truck / Lego look; the practical, no carpet fuss with the 270 watt stereo; and who can deny the Honda coolness and functionality. Speaking of Legos, check out this Honda Element ad: Honda "Purpose" :30

More later-

Meanwhile in Book Seven :

Odysseus stops on the palace threshhold, utterly dazzled. The very walls are covered in shining bronze and trimmed with lapis lazuli. The blacksmith god Hephaestus has even provided two brazen hounds to guard the entrance. Odysseus goes right up to the queen and puts his case to her as a suppliant. The king knows better than to refuse hospitality to a decent petitioner. He invites Odysseus to the banquet which is in progress and promises him safe passage home after he has been suitably entertained.
{in a 2005 Honda Element}

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