Wednesday, June 08, 2005

IT Conversations

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In researching my interest in audiobooks as a supplement to my diet of reading eBooks and books in print, I just recently stumbled upon an goldmine -- IT Conversations which has been around since June 2003. Not everything is IT oriented - talks by Harvard Business School's Clay Christensen, chief executive Jeff Bezos, and author Malcolm Gladwell are included as well. Yesterday, I received an email recapping their two year anniversary:

On Monday, June 9, 2003 RDS Strategies LLC will launch a new series of recorded audio interviews on the hottest topics in information technology. The MP3 files can be downloaded or streamed for free, and they're supported by an online forum.

IT Conversations now has 553 programs either published or at some stage of post- production and we're releasing 9-11 each week thanks to the amazing 42 members of Team ITC. (They're not all on the public list yet.)

Two good listens recommended by IT Conversations:

Meg Hourihan - (3.5)
If you have a blog, you must surely be aware of But how did it all start? Did it actually 'invent' blogging? When did it rise? When did it fall?
Where is it at the moment? Well, surely there's no better person to answer these questions other than the co-founder of Blogger itself, titled "Young Innovator Who Will Create the Future" by MIT's Technology Review magazine, Meg Hourihan, in this Memory Lane with Halley Suitt.

Will Wright - Lessons from Game Design (4.2)
This week's Doug's Favorite is from the awesome SDForum Distinguished Speaker Series.

The creator of The Sims and SimCity considers the relationship between games and the computer industry. He designs the problems his players face so he can push the boundaries of graphics, user interface, AI, metrics and simulation.

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