Wednesday, June 29, 2005

hearing vs. listening (hello McFly?)

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Listen up! Prolific writer Melissa Shaw, Managing Editor, Network World Fusion writes a much needed management strategy (life skills) article on hearing vs. listening. Read on -

When it comes to the similarities between listening and hearing, the only one is you use your ears for both. After that, they’re very different. For instance, have you ever had an employee come in your office and you’re on the computer? You’re busy, you’ve got stuff to do, so while they stand there and talk to you, your body is facing the computer, your eyes are on the computer and an ear, or maybe two, is devoted to the poor soul on the other side of your desk.

Aside from the abominable body language you’re displaying (“What I’m doing on the computer is more important than you”) you’re probably not really listening to what the person’s telling you.

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...after your employee (or anyone, for that matter) speaks, try to recap what the person said, making it clear you’re just trying to ensure you really understood what they were trying to say. He suggests something like, “Here’s what I’ve heard you say, tell me what I may have heard inaccurately.” By showing your employees you’re truly listening to them, you’re really building - or reinforcing - a terrific working relationship.

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