Saturday, June 25, 2005

Dang it's hot! (History of the T-Shirt)

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I am sweltering here in North Carolina under humid weather. Anything above 72 degrees is hot enough - it's the humidity, concrete and car exhaust that causes one's body to cool itself off.

Fashion wise, it's kinda nutty that one has to wear a T-Shirt underneath a polo shirt so that the perspiration doesn't soak the outer shirt. On the other hand, the cool thing about T-Shirts is the blank canvas one has to express themselves and "think out loud" from the crowd. Aren't we really just models in the various runways of life?

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So how did the T-Shirt originate? "The American T-Shirt began during WWI when American troops noticed European soldiers wearing a comfortable and lightweight cotton undershirt during the hot and humid European summer days. Compared to the wool uniforms that the American soldiers wore, these undershirts were cooler and more comfortable and they quickly caught on with the Americans. Due to their simple design, these shirts became known in the USA as 'T' shirts or, as we know them now, 'T-Shirts'."

History of the T-Shirt

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