Sunday, April 03, 2005

Stop the holy showboating

Here's a controversial article by Dan McGraw from September 2002. You may not agree with it, but I thought you'd like to read it. Here's an excerpt from it:

"...In the realm of jock theology, God seems to show himself only to the winners. While many athletes do their own dances or gyrations to gain attention from the fans and TV cameras, many others seek their own spotlight through very public prayer on the field of play. It is a curious trend in the "hey-look-at-me" form of self-promotion that has infected pro sports in recent decades. And it goes beyond making a sign of the cross before taking a few swings at the plate. It's almost as if these jocks are saying: 'God thinks I'm special, so you should too.'..."

"...Do accountants point to the sky after they balance the books?..."

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