Friday, April 01, 2005

Real Life Adventures

(c) Real Life Adventures by Gary Wise and Lance Aldrich

Back in the day of paper planners, one could imagine the mental pain and tormented howl of the poor soul who lost their DayTimer stuffed with reimbursable expense receipts and contacts.

These days, when you lose your data on a Palm or worse your laptop, its just a quiet resignation to what happens when one is tethered to technology's umbilical cord.

Hint: Go to plan B - "B" stands for back it up!

About Real Life Adventures

Real Life Adventures is ... well ... kind of art that sort of imitates life. It is a celebration of the banal by two truly mundane fellows, Lance Aldrich and Gary Wise. It's about stomach noises in business meetings, bugs in your porch light and trying to extract a single hanger from your closet.

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