Saturday, April 09, 2005

Presenting John Cleese - Institute for BACKUP TRAUMA

John Cleese for The Institute of BACKUP TRAUMA Posted by Hello\Institute for Backup Trauma

One of my favorite bloggers, Lianne always comes up with great content on a daily basis! Check out Lianne’s blog here.

This morning I saw her posting re: Livevault and it is hilarious! I wish more companies would use this style of humor in their corporate speak (in other words, lighten up!)

John Cleese is a spokesman on this infocommercial / promotion for Livevault, which is a company that sells a data backup utility that stores to disk.

John Cleese, as the Director for The Institute for BACKUP TRAUMA testifies to the horrors of losing everything to improperly stored tapes.

Warning: Make sure you’re not drinking cola watching this mockumentary!

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