Sunday, April 17, 2005

How to make a Life Poster

Mike Matas - How to Make a Life Poster Posted by Hello

Here's a really creative idea to gather up all of those photos that you have on your computer. Mike Matas documents a easy 30 minute step by step process here The Mike Matas Blog: How to make a Life Poster.

For about $29.00, Mike shows how you can easily load 98 photos and print a 20" x 30" poster. However, this is ONLY for Mac users with iPhoto.

Sean at Wayward Puppy has a tutorial using PhotoShop for us Windows folks.

On another note, I had 2 rolls of Advantix (APS) film to develop; at Target, I was able to get them developed - 1 print and a CD each - inside of 1 hour while I shopped for the same price as sending them out. Each roll cost me under $12.00 each. I believe that Sam's Club is a lot less expensive, but I liked the instant gratification.

So thanks to Mike and Sean, I'll be sorting through my CD's of photos and creating a life poster myself!

I wonder if Flickr or Picassa can replicate the same process?

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