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"Books are the quietest and most constant friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers."
Charles W. Eliot

I love reading eBooks on my Palm PDA (really a Tapwave Zodiac 2) and on my Dell laptop. As a lover of reading, research and quote collecting, I find that eBooks are a preferred platform of information, especially reading on the go. I enjoy redeeming my time while standing in line, waiting in airports or worse, sitting for long stretches in a doctor's office. For guys, eBooks are a lifesaver when your beautiful spouse takes off shopping in a mall – one will usually find my carcass parked on a bench reading Ann Coulter, John Ortberg or a leadership title on my Zodiac.

Since my nightstand and coffee table is normally cluttered with 7 to 12 physical books that I read somewhat simultaneously, the eBook format plays right into that methodology of scattered reading. I like to think of it as reading 7 to 12 really big magazines, as I can usually cover a Time magazine front to back in one sitting.

One can pack a lot of titles on a Palm, especially a Zodiac with 128 memory. Being a research guy, I really like the unlimited bookmarking, auto scrolling, font and color control and hyper linking indexes plus the ability to have several eBooks open (on the laptop).

My ministry at newhope church is doing sermon research for Pastor Benji, so I have the laptop humming with several resources opened, including the NIV Bible on eBook and a legal pad just writing away! Having eBooks, PDFs, Word documents and web access in a central work station makes sermon preparation and research a real joy; and it frees my Pastor to ... pastor!

I highly recommend eReader Pro for Windows - Palm Reader Pro is an award winning application used to read Palm Digital Media eBooks on your Windows computer. Palm Reader Pro has more features than the free version, including the ability to read dictionaries and it is a bargain at $9.95 USD. There is also a Mac version as well. There is no charge to download and use the basic Reader. Click here to download your eReader of choice

Before I forget, disclaimer goes here – I work for Motricity, the corporate parent of and PalmGear. Hey, I'm just a silly enthusiast for eBooks and as well, a passionate Palm Powered Geek.

I mainly read on the laptop. Being 50, I can’t afford to have my eyes fried, reading in the dark with a backlit PDA – besides I plan to do some serious carpentry into my old age and in heaven ala my two favorite Jewish Master Carpenters - Norm Abrams and Jesus of Nazareth.

For many of the blogging community who are heads over heels like I am for Getting Things Done by David Allen, not only is it finally available in eBook format, but Ready for Anything has just been released. You can read excerpts of both books at Also, by subscribing to the newsletters, discounts are available as well on your order.

My fellow bloggers are focused on these two books – Ricky Spears moderates GTD Yahoo forums and has written extensively on Ready for Anything.

43 Folders offers a good jump into the GTD waters - getting started with "Getting Things Done" section with many links.

Last, Michael Hyatt is very into GTD as well with a Working Smart, Not Hard angle.

Have fun, enjoy life, make it a mission to learn something new everyday via relationships, pray always and read some (e)Books!

In closing, here's a good piece of wisdom from Paxton Hood:
Be as careful of the books you read, as of the company you keep, for your habits and character will be as much influenced by the former as the latter.

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