Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Brick Testament

Lego Last Supper Posted by Hello

I am deeply appreciative of the various versions of The Bible. On my Zodiac, I carry The Message Bible, New International Version (NIV) and New American Standard Bible (NASB) with Strongs from GMPSoft. I also have the Comparative Study Bible which has the NIV, NASB, Amplified Bible and King James Version, which is a meaningful way to study the Bible with four versions side by side.

However, this has to be the most fascinating and creative expression of God's Word that I have seen - The Brick Testament has been created entirely by The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith who builds all the characters and settings out of LEGO bricks, then photographs them to create the illustrated stories found on The Brick Testament website and book series.

In the FAQ, "Rev. Smith has stated that the goal of The Brick Testament is to give people an increased knowledge of the contents of The Bible in a way that is fun and compelling while staying very true to the original versions. To this end, all stories are retold using direct quotes from The Bible."

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