Friday, March 11, 2005

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my blog - I guess I better say something! Should I rant, rave or simply encourage and speak life? The Wonder of it all!

This is my first attempt at blogging or even writing publicly, but over the coming days, my desire is to capture thoughts, pictures or provide links that inspire, affirm, encourage, build up and speak life - one could say use technology for a redemptive purpose.

So after reading many blogs, being a junkie for useful information, fascinated by wisdom in quotes, proverbs, biblical principles, great literature, wonderful godly mentors in my life and even the humourous way that life unfolds that cracks a smile or even generate a belly laugh, I say why not start writing a blog?

At the same time, I want to see life through heaven's eyes. Am I talking about prayer? Most likely - I'll dig into this on another posting...

Gordon McDonald in his book

Ordering Your Private World
has a masterful section of capturing thoughts in a journal. He writes, "Journal Keeping--A Way to Listen to God"

"When I studied some of the mystic and contemplative Christians, I found that one practical way to learn to listen to God speak in the garden of my private world was to keep a journal. With a pencil in hand ready to write, I found that there was an expectancy, a readiness to hear anything God might wish to whisper through my reading and reflection."

So I guess this blog is just an extension what I can share publicly; do I dare share my hurts, pain and challenges publicly on a blog? Probably not - those are best done in a context of a covenant friendship sharing coffee sitting at a kitchen table.

But going back to why even do this thing called blogging, I'm going to share what I am passionate about! I trust that I'll connect with others that are passionate about the same things I am engage in - but at the same time be ready to enter into a dialogue, read, understand and listen, really listen and see life speak all around me. As a Christian, I want to be sensitized to hear God when He speaks -

And along the way, I'll learn to write, craft sentence structures, use proper grammer, HTML and other byproducts of being disciplined to content this blog.

So here goes - I got my hands on the plow; no looking back!

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Mike said...

Kerry, congrats! Michael Ashby tells me he and I kinda inspired you to start blogging -- wow! I'm honored to have played a part. :-)

It's also great to see a fellow follower of Christ blogging too!

Wishing you the best,